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Workplace Excellence Series (10 titles) (130 minutes)

This outstanding series of documentary case study programmes was filmed in best practice organisations: an online recruitment business a travel business an Australian city government and a school. Meet the managers and staff who provide powerful insights and strategies and find out how these organisations achieve workplace excellence.

Leaders Guides with each DVD include discussion questions activities handouts and full scripts.

The series consist of 10 DVD’seach 11–15 minutes.


1 – Vision and Values – Product Code 7DIM-094

Be inspired to develop a powerful vision and values to motivate others:

  1. Present a powerful vision with clear goals
  2. Personalise your vision
  3. Align people to changing vision
  4. Develop meaningful values
  5. Demonstrate values with actions
  6. Build values into the culture

2 – Inspirational Leadership – Product Code 7DIM-095

Discover the behaviours attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders:

  1. Lead by example
  2. Project your passion
  3. Drive your decisions
  4. Empower your champions
  5. Reach your goals
  6. Give time and respect to your people

3 – Motivating Fun Workplace – Product Code 7DIM-096

Find out why some people love coming to work and doing their best:

  1. Energise with breakfast
  2. Create a fun caring culture
  3. Make the workplace desirable
    • Use light colour and design
    • Encourage creative ideas and features
    • Make work spaces comfortable
    • Provide relaxing zones for time out
  4. Offer team-building activities
  5. Meet celebrate and socialise

4 – OpenCommunication and Teamwork – Product Code 7DIM-097

Learn how to communicate effectively to achieve the best results:

  1. Promote open and honestCommunication
  2. Share information not gossip
  3. Build collaborative relationships
  4. Resolve conflict productively
  5. Create a warm welcome

5 – Passion for Service Excellence – Product Code 7DIM-098

See the difference when people want to provide exceptional service:

  1. Be passionate about your work
  2. Make a positive first impression
    • Happy voice
    • Positive greeting
    • Fast response
    • Professional image
  3. Build friendly relationships
  4. Know your product
  5. Understand needs and deliver solutions
  6. Turn complaints into commendations

6 – Innovation and Continuous Improvement – Product Code 7DIM-099

Inspire everyone to be creative offer suggestions and make improvements:

  1. Identify opportunities to improve
  2. Develop new ideas
    • Ask your employees
    • Replicate the success of others
    • Use think tanks
    • Focus on good ideas
  3. Implement initiatives
  4. Evaluate and learn

7 – Green and Giving – Product Code 7DIM-100

It’s easy to make a difference at work and to theEnvironment:

  1. Implement green initiatives
  2. Give back
  3. Use targets to achieve results
  4. Respond to crises
  5. Communicate and educate
  6. Commit to change

8 – Recognition and Feedback – Product Code 7DIM-101

Motivate people develop skills and improve work performance:

  1. Give immediate recognition and feedback
  2. Guide with goals
  3. Conduct regular performance appraisals
  4. Be constructive with feedback
  5. Implement feedback tools
    • 360° feedback
    • Climate surveys
    • Mystery shopping
    • Exit interview
  6. Be creative with recognition

9 – Well-being and Balance – Product Code 7DIM-102

Healthy people with work-life balance will be happier and more productive:

  1. Feel the benefits of exercise
  2. Offer health initiatives and activities
  3. Encourage staff to be active
  4. Be proactive about safety
  5. Implement policies for work-life balance

10 – Employer of Choice – Product Code 7DIM-103

Find out how to be a respected and award-winning employer:

  1. Create a culture of pride
  2. Promote yourself as an employer of choice
  3. Recruit the best people
  4. Provide development opportunities
  5. Offer flexible work arrangements Be family-friendly


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Cutting Edge Communication Series

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